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 The Secret Formula to Increasing Your Conversion Rate

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PostSubject: The Secret Formula to Increasing Your Conversion Rate   Sat Dec 08, 2012 6:31 pm

Everyone knows that the conversion rate is one of the most important factors of your site (or blog) because traffic and conversion mean money. There’s a lot to be said about traffic and conversion. Both of them are incredibly important. In this article, we’re going to discuss how to actually increase your conversion rate. I’m going to give you a secret formula (one that I’ve been using for a long time) which has helped me dramatically increase my conversion rate and make a lot of money.

First of all, let’s talk a little bit about the conversion rate. I’m sure most of you already know what it is, but I want to start from the beginning. The conversion rate of your website is the number of desired actions divided by the number of site visits. For sales, it will be the number of sales divided by the number of site visits, and for leads, it will be the number of leads divided by the number of site visits. A higher conversion rate means more money for you, and that’s why everyone wants a higher rate of conversion.
What are the factors that most prominently affect your conversion rate?

- Your site’s design

- Your site’s content

- The type of traffic on your site
A few words about the traffic

If your traffic is from related sites, your conversion rate will be more targeted. If your traffic is from search engines, your conversion rate will be different for different search terms. Here’s a tip: your conversion rate will be better if you use highly targeted “long tail” keywords instead of main keywords. For example, you will have better conversion if you rank for “how to make money online,” instead of just “money”.It’s obvious why.
Conversion Rate

Now let’s talk about the content of your site. I’m going to explain how to create content that will make visitors want to buy more from you.

You need to write high quality content! You’ve probably have heard that many times, but what exactly makes content “high quality”? Almost no one will explain exactly what to write.So here is my secret. I’ve been testing this for a long time, and it works perfectly. If you use it, you will increase your conversion rate by numbers that you would never expect, believe me. Just carefully read the information below.
The Secret Formula

What is my secret formula to increase conversion rate?
- Find a problem in your niche.
- Find quality product in your niche to present a solution.
- Make your users think that you are one of them.
- Mention your product. DON’T try to sell it; just mention it. Don’t offer scams.
Finding the problem

Now let me explain to you what I mean by that. I will give you an example with one of my latest blogs: It is a blog where I promote online surveys, which are a way for people to make money by giving their opinion. I make money if someone registers through my links. I applied my secret technique on my blog, and I saw unbelievable results. I now make more than 30 registrations from only 100 visits!

It’s not because of my design (I use the default blog template), and it’s not because of my traffic type (there are a lot of sites that rank for the same keywords, but they don’t make the same amount of leads and sales, believe me). It is because of my content.

Here is how I have applied the techniques that I’ve mentioned above. The first task is to find a problem, BUT you must not use specific problems. The trick is to explain more common problems. By doing that, you will find more people who are interested in your content. You can read forums and blogs to find some common problems in your niche. Here are the main problems for paid surveys that I’ve found: most surveys are scams and most of them involve paid registration.

Scams – it is obvious. What do you think if you see sites that make claims such as “make $100 per hour by sharing your opinion”? Most people ignore these sites – not because they don’t want to make $100 per hour, but because the site looks like a scam.

Paid registration – I’ve found that most of these sites ask people for “only $39″ to register. This is a problem too. No one wants to pay for registration.

Here’s another example. Let’s say you have a site about weight loss. What is one of the most common problems for people who want to lose weight? I’m not an expert in that niche, but I think that side effects will be a big problem.

You can find problems in every niche.Just research and think carefully.
The Solution

The next step is finding a solution to the problem you’ve chosen. Let’s go back to my example, the surveys. The problem with paid registration is easy. All you need to do is find surveys that have free registration and of course mention that you offer only free online surveys. Not looking like a scam is harder, but it isn’t impossible. It’s not easy to change peoples’ opinions, and yet I’ve done just that by creating a post titled “How to find legitimate paid surveys online”. In that post, I explained, step-by-step, how people can find legitimate survey companies. The most important thing is that I haven’t tried to scam anyone. I’ve just tried to help them find legitimate companies.Here are several things that I mentioned: “Only join free surveys,” “never give your credit card information,” “carefully read terms of use,” “read other peoples’ comments,” and so on. It is obvious that these are helpful tips and people will trust them. Now do you see the solution? Once I offer a solution, people start to trust me. They feel that I’m “on their side” and I’m “one of them”. You cannot achieve that reaction by saying “Hello, I’m one of you,” or “Hello, I’m on your side.” Many bloggers say that sort of thing, but it doesn’t work very well.
The Product

The last step to discuss is the product you’re offering.

You need to research and find the best product for your visitors. Once again, don’t offer scams.

How should you offer your product? Don’t use traditional “call to action” phrases like “Buy now,” and “Get it now.” Just MENTION your product. Tell them that you’ve been using it, and then tell them why they have to get this product. Be sure to explain the benefits of the product and why it is better than similar products of its kind. This is the best way to increase your numbers of sales. If it is too obvious that you’re trying to sell something to someone, they won’t buy it. Just suggest it to them. That is all.
Bonus tips

(For sales) NEVER try to sell more than one thing. Many people think that if they list more products, visitors will buy more. In practice, that won’t happen.

(For Leads) Actually, if you offer leads, you can offer more products. For example, let’s get back to my blog about paid surveys. I listed more than one survey site, but I also explained to my visitors why they have to register with several sites. Here are the reasons I mentioned:

- Legitimate survey sites have a limited numbers of surveys per day.

- By joining more sites, people can find the highest paying offers of the day.

- Registration is free, so people lose nothing. I redirect only to free surveys.

They register because they see actual reason why they have to register to more offers. They trust me and I make more money from my blog.
Bonus effects

If you write quality content and offer quality products, your site will rank better. Google will see that, believe me. For people who are not familiar with SEO, it’s amazing how Google knows all of these things. Of course, Google can’t actually read and understand text; however, there are factors that Google uses to determine site rank. Here is a summary of what will happen if visitors like your content:

- They will stay on your site longer

- They will post more comments on your site

- They will click your site’s “Like” buttons more (At Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook and so on)

- They will link to your site more

All of these are factors in the Google Algorithm. Google will see these signals and move your site to better positions.

Now you know one of the best ways to increase your conversion rate. Try it, and I’m sure you won’t regret.
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The Secret Formula to Increasing Your Conversion Rate
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